Monday, 26 March 2012

Sunday Market

Yesterday, my family and I drove to the Sunday Market near the Auckland AMI Netball Stadium.We wanted to buy something for us to eat when it was so cold that I felt I was inside a giant freezer along with my family.After awhile we bought hot mussel chowder, crispy donuts,tasty suvalaki and cold soft drinks.Next, we had some of the mussel chowder and the donuts.After that, we bought some groceries for our dinner.We prepared our dinner at 8.00am and we ate our dinner at 10.00am then we watched Scorpion King (Battle of redemption) next we watched The Devils Tomb and Chronicle until 1.00pm and that is when we went to bed the most horrible thing happened my sister had vomited all over me then I walked to the corner and I prayed saying why GOD why me?

I had to clean all the vomit up and including myself.


  1. Wow deandra,

    What a wonderful story! It has so much cool sentences, I absoulutly feel like reading it again and again! Great work with your family! Yeah sure I hope you clean off all of your sister lynch vommit off! Hope you and your family have a wonderful great time

  2. Thanks Sose I really appreciate that comment you made on my blog.