Friday, 24 May 2013

Adventurous Articles - Title of story Earrings

The purpose of the text we read this week was about  a young girl named Ramona who wanted to get her ears pierced since her teacher Ms Pool has different kinds of earrings and so Ramona thought it would be cool to have a pair of her own but there is a catch her teacher had told Ramona's father that Ramona was failing in her Maths and had to improve a lot by motivating her to improve with her maths and Ms Pool would take Ramona to the Bead Gallery.

The Author probably wrote the text to tell the audience who reads it could get what they want if they achieve what needs to be achieved.

I would reflect really well on this story because when I usually want something my parents would say that I had to do all my chores before I got to buy anything, so pretty much I had to earn my money to get what I wanted.

Ramona is a smart girl who could achieve more things except she has to have a motivation to a sure her that she could succeed in anything but I don't think she needs anything to motivate her. So that was my opinion on the story.

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