Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My Weekly Poem on For I Am The Leader Of The Sea

WALT read a poem and analyse the language features of a poem. This will help us think poetically so that we can write a similar poem to share with others.

For I Am The Leader Of The Sea

By Adam, Katie and Tempany, 10, Nottinghamshire, UK

For I am the leader of the sea,
The quiet sea grabbed my feet
With hands of icy water.
The mellow sea dances on the golden sand,
It erodes the precious rocks away,
A boat appears in the distance.

The waves began to build up and boil,
Like a witches potion.
The frozen water beckoned in the boat,
As the waves frolicked against it.
The sea ricocheted along the sand,
With fangs like a feline,
Gnawing on the bones of the cliff.
The old, ancient boat's heart started to pound,
As the flag contemplated, while the wind,
Swept across the sky.

For I am the leader of the sea.

(September 2008)

1. Summarise the poem you have read in your own words.
  • The poem I read this week is For I Am The Leader Of The Sea.

2. Identify at least 2 different language features in the poem and give examples. You can identify more than 2 language features.

  • One of the language features in this poem is a metaphor. Here is an example of this language feature The quiet sea grabbed my feet with hands of icy cold water
  • Another language feature in this poem is a Similes  .Here is an example of this language feature the waves began to build and boil up like a witches potion.

3. Evaluate (which means reflect and give your opinion) the author’s purpose for writing this poem - in your answers include the words: inform, entertain, persuade.

  • By analysing the poem I have read this week I think the author wrote this poem because He/She wanted to express their emotions of  Hurt and rage into one powerful poem with similes and metaphors.
  • The author was informing the audience about how She / he felt and how they are the leaders of the Sea and how anyone can write a poem as strong as the one they have written.
  • The author was entertaining the audience by writing to them about how they are the controllers of the wild sea, and how they had used strong language to lure the audience. (emotions/language features)
  • The author is trying to persuade the audience to think/believe/reflect on this special and effective piece of art.

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  1. Amazing Deandra! I like the way you have analysed and evaluated this poem. I can see that you are using your deep thinking skills and your analysis of the language in this poem to describe and understand the author's purpose. Fantastic thinking Deandra, keep it up!