Monday, 13 May 2013

My Weekly Poem

WALT read a poem and analyse the language features of a poem.

  • The poem I read this week is about a young girl named Emma who has written a really strong and powerful poem about how she is becoming a young woman.

  • One of the language features in this poem is a Personification. Here is an example of this language feature I am a woman to be there will be changes in me, I am a woman to be and everyone will see.
  • Another language feature in this poem is a Metaphor .Here is an example of this language feature I am stronger and I'm older, I am braver and bolder.

  • By analysing the poem I have read this week I think the author wrote this poem because she had thought about what some young girls are going through and that they don’t need to feel embarrassed of becoming a young adult.

  • The author was informing the audience about growing up and becoming young adults.
  • The author was entertaining the audience by including powerful words that describe herself as she is growing into a young adult. (emotions/language features)

  • The author is trying to persuade the audience to think about how they are growing up, believe in having no fear of embarrassment and reflect on the authority, the responsibility and beliefs.

Learning the haiku poem pattern.                                                         

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