Friday, 14 June 2013

A Night To Remeber

A Night To Remember

It was the night of Satan’s Birthday that teens celebrated with a spooky party every year but must pay a death sacrificing debt.

At Ironwoods High School a Halloween loving girl named Aleanna passed out invitations to a spooky haunted house party to all of her friends and some of the nice popular people.

But as rumours had spread quickly and more quickly and had reached the ears of the most popular girl named Rebecca Greenberg felt left out and asked Aleanna
“ Why wasn't I invited to your Halloween party” and Aleanna said
“ Because you make everyone feel bad about themselves!”

While everyone was too busy getting their costumes ready for Aleanna’s Haunted House Party nobody took notice of Rebecca and they forgot about how awful it was to even take notice of her.

But early that night an ancient spirit who had been cast away for thousands of years to never escape had broke free of it’s curse and was loose in the haunted house where Aleanna hoped to have her party.

The ancient spirits name was Cellmor, she had been cast away but a powerful witch named Aliane who had made sure that Cellmor would stay in the underworld where she belongs.

But Aliane’s witchcraft had worn off and now Cellmor plans to eliminate Aliane’s last relation Aliane at Ironwoods High the sweet and powerful young witch who is the only one who could destroy Cellmor forever.
As the day went by the first rays of the evening sky already started to appear, but nothing held Aleanna behind except strange things started to happen to her she was having nightmares about the party.

Also about what was going to happen she also started to turn her stuff and anything around her into anything she would like.

But Aleanna had different things on her mind so she thought about things that made her happy and decided she was going to the party as a beautiful young witch and even though she’s the host of her own spooky party she could have a good time too.

But when everyone got to the haunted house they all started having a good time until Aleanna said to her friend Amy “I heard scratching but couldn't see through the darkness” “ when I went down to find some more drinks for the party”  and Amy said “maybe it was a cat”.......

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