Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My Autobiography

“Who am I?”
My name is Deandra, my name doesn't mean anything that I know of. I am a 10 year old girl. I am a year 6 student and I was born at Green lane Hospital.

My heritage is Samoan, Maori. My mum is 100% Samoan and she is from Upolu, Samoa but she grew up in Western Samoa with her grandparents and Aunt. My dad is Maori and he is from further north of New Zealand.

I am very athletic because in my previous education schools I have made it into a lot of sports teams. I love to sing and write songs in my spare time as well.I am a good friend, a fun and encouraging person when it comes to cheering on my friends or family members in a competition.

Timeline of my life which includes my Education History

I had just learnt how to crawl at the age of 1
I learnt how to walk and talk
I started preschool at Kohunga at Court Cres at the age of 3
I attended Avondale Primary for one year at the age of 4
I then attended Stanhope Primary for one year at the age of 5  
I attended Glenbrae Primary for four years from the age of 6 years until I was 10 years old
I was still attending Glenbrae
Still attending Glenbrae Primary
I won my first swimming tournament
I attended Tamaki Primary at the age of 10

My Future Aspiration

I want to be an international singer/rapper. I want to be this person because I’ve had a passion for music since I first learnt how to talk and I always come up with songs and raps. My inspiration or who motivates me is Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj is an international singer/rapper and she had performed at a concert in Auckland,New Zealand.

Finish my time as a year six and so forth
Achieve my goals at a year seven standard and then finish as a year seven
Set a good example for younger students as a year eight
Finish my time at intermediate and then move on to college  
You’d have to attend college for another five years before going to University
You would still have to do Esa’s and other hard challenges
I will still be at college but I will be focusing on many topics.
Finish College and hope to get a scholarship to University.
Maybe if I’m lucky I would get a scholarship and then I can study to become a veterinarian or a flight attendant or a singer.
If I was to start studying to become a veterinarian for a minimum of seven years before I graduate to become a fully licensed veterinarian.
If I was to study to become a flight attendant it can sometimes take months to even years to get an interview, depending on the current hiring trends at the time, and the number of airlines you apply to. Once hired, training can last anywhere from two weeks to seven weeks, depending on the airline..
If I was to become a Singer/Rapper I would have to have three years of singing lessons and rapping lessons for me to be worldwide international sensation.

My Inspirations

My inspiration is My grand aunt , my aunty who works as a flight attendant and my older cousin is a veterinarian. They inspire me because my aunty helps passengers, my cousin help injured or sick animals and Nicki Minaj helps people to achieve their goals when they are singing.  

My Inspiring Quotes

This week  I presented to my autobiography in front of my class. There  are some personal information I have deleted because I'm keeping cyber smart.  In my presentation I shared interesting information about my life, inspirations and future aspirations. 

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