Friday, 30 August 2013

My Su'a Name

My Su’a Name’s  Heritage . . .

Nafanua the Warrior Queen of Samoa had two sons - Malietoa & Su'a. Su'a is my direct ancestor... this is why I am considered - a princess of my family,  there  are these documents from my great grandfather signed by him - of my genealogy - and filed in Samoa.

I am proud because I really am a princess,  Samoan islanders  know that Su’a is the King of Savai'i, and that Malietoa is the King of Upolu - the two main islands.
I am very proud that I am a Su'a descendant. Whenever I am around Samoans... I sometimes tell them I am a Su'a - and I always look  staunch about it - because Nafanua was a woman who led the battles of Samoa, like a man.

Nafanua has many untold and brave  stories of her battles. Nafanua is my eponomous ancestral relative and queen. My great grandmother -  was the Queen of Savai'i, her name was Tupunatausifa'asàlele'aga.

This is all I know so far about my Su’a Name.

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