Tuesday, 27 August 2013

What Has Changed Since The 1900's

What Has Changed In Literacy Since Back In The 1900's:

* People can get educated instead of  being just higher ranked people, like presidents, royalty, ambassadors and others.
* People have invented new things like electronics and technology.
* Pencils, tables, books and phones have been invented.
* Projectors and whiteboards and the internet have been invented by other people.
(The inventions have improved how we live and how we work in schools and other places.)

How Has Our Literacy Changed from The Nineteen Hundreds - Two Thousand and Thirteen (Which is Present Day.) :

Well after people started inventing things to improve our lives, we have gained more knowledge of words, what happens in life, why things happen, cycle of life, education, and of course past tense revolutions. But while everything seems well in our country, globalisation still isn’t connecting to other societies, cities, and countries with strict laws about women not getting education and instead just have to stay home and work twenty four, seven.

Nothing changes unless someone is brave enough to confront others to follow behind them in their idea, like for instance they could have an idea to change the law about no education for women and put out notices that signify the awareness about the topic.

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