Friday, 13 September 2013

My Self Description

My Self - Description:

Hi my name is Deandra,  I am eleven years old and before I forget here is a description of Me, Myself,  and I. See in my mind of description I have different thoughts about different things for instance, lets take Writing as an example. I love to write stories in my own time mostly for pleasure and when I’m really bored. I love to read Horror stories and Fantasies.

There are somethings that I don’t like to do for an example there is some sports I don’t like, which happen to be Sprinting, Rugby etc. But never mind about that, what I especially like is Music, Singing, Playing Instruments, Swimming, Playing Netball, Playing Soccer, Going to the beach, Going on Outings, Hang out with my friends, go to my family’s houses.

When I am at home I have doubts about my family, mostly because they have some really annoying sides, but it holds us all together. Just Like how glue does. My Mum and Dad are the glue and me and my sisters are the paper and decorations that have been scattered on the paper and held together by the glue when it drys. My Family always motivate me in some of my subjects especially my singing and playing Netball.

But when it comes to a time when my Aunty So’onaalofa comes for a visit she is the one and only person besides me who actually gets me, who knows what I am capable of and how I could express it with words instead of expressing it through emotion, body language, and facials. But the tougher things get the better it’ll get after the tough times pass by.

If there is one thing that I know it would have to be the fact that, you can do well in school if you push yourself can make yourself believe that you can achieve anything just as long as you can see what your own future will be like as an adult or as a young adult.

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