Friday, 13 September 2013

My Worst Nightmare Sprang To Life

My Worst Nightmare Sprang To Life . . . .

One dull and grey day I felt like I needed to be with my grandma after the accident, I knew how many days went by while she was cramped up in that awful hospital and how I had an urge to go visit her but I just couldn’t bear to see her in a bad shape, it was unhealthy for not only me but for her as well. But I finally had enough courage to go and see her, but something was whispering in my ear to stay in the comfort of my own home and never to think about visiting grandma but I went with my thoughts instead of going with my instincts.

I arrived at the doors of the hospital taking in a deep breath before entering,  my mind was blank I couldn’t think of anything to say to her, whether to say “I’m so sorry for not coming in sooner” or to say “How you doing nan.” But I couldn’t make my mind up so I went with “ Hi nana how are doing today.”

Once I entered the building I felt a cold breeze go straight through me like as if it was a lost spirit. But I kept on moving towards the reception, the receptionist said to watch my back while entering the fifth floor where my grandma’s room was, and I asked her why and she said there’s bad things up there.

I felt a little spooked, but I didn’t hesitate any longer and with that I made my way to the elevator and I pushed the button with the bloody number five on it. I had no intention to take notice of the blood on the button or the advice the receptionist gave me.

I was walking down the hall until I saw a strange thing lurking through the other side of the hall with eyes shaded in blood.But once I reached the fifth floor I was freezing like as if I was in a giant freezer, I thought to myself why did I come here in  the first place and I remembered I was there to visit my grandma.

When I reached my grandma’s room I could see something cold but dark swirling around her and then disappears like dust getting sucked into a vacuum cleaner. I hesitated at first but I was too curious of what that thing was but when I approached my grandma it came back again but this time showed it’s horrifying bloody mouth with super sharp teeth and eyes the colour of blood.

The fear I felt was horrific with that thing staring me down and warning me not to come any closer than I was, by the look in it’s eyes I knew my grandma was it’s prey and it was feeding on her bloody flesh and by the looks of it that thing was almost finished with her by the looks of her chalky white and pale face. Can you imagine my fear and the horrifying look on my face when I started running for the hospital door but found that I was trapped with the rest of the lost souls in this awful place called Death Row Hospital where the lost souls live.

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