Friday, 13 September 2013

Nerves Of Steel

Nerves Of Steel

One hot and gusty day I decided to become the very first extreme daredevil in the world and in my family, by doing something that could cost me my life like literally. I would have just lived my average life and enjoy it while I can, but I thought to myself 7 generations of super extreme daredevils run through my blood and my family.

I had adrenaline running through me like a lightning bolt struck me and passed electricity right through me, once I was up in the air I was so afraid of what I would look like coming down. I felt like my life depended on my balance, footwork, belief and concentration. But my life really depended on my balance, belief, concentration of course and my feelings.

I felt so afraid and scared that I would slip and fall floating down like a bird’s light and soft feather, gliding down but instead back to reality I’d be falling so fast I wouldn’t be able to breathe.

What I felt I can’t describe right now because being 1500 feet in the air with nothing to grip onto but a 2 inch thick tight rope below my feet, with me on top trying to keep my balance, trying to tell myself don’t slip or else you’re done for.

I’m half way already,  waiting impatiently  to see the dirt and see and to touch land again, after being held captive in the air by the gusting winds and the hot desert sun’s heat shining on my face making me have an appearance as a red tomato. When I finally came to the last metre I decided to run it and I was on land, the feeling I had was overwhelming that was also  what caught me like a safety harness while I was in the air frightened for my life and for my well being.

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