Monday, 2 September 2013

The Walk To Destiny

The Ambitious Walk To Reality....
Inspired by Philippe Petit
By Deandra

Today is the day I make my own ambition reality, but when that breathtaking moment happened when I hesitated to make a single step towards the wire all of my life time experiences flashed before my eyes in less than a minute.

I was thinking of good times I had performing in the Central Park to keep me distracted from the height of the buildings, but then I realised “Why don’t I face my doubts and just think about how much fun I can have on this long piece of freedom,” I thought.

My next move was to do a little twirl but as soon as I got the scent of fresh air flowing through me I decided I might as well do a little of resightle,  after I danced, I ran, after I ran, I had lied down on the wire like as if it was the hard surfaced grass I sometimes lay upon.

After I had stood back up, I realised the police officers and reporters were on the South Tower looking straight at me. They all were telling me I was a mad person and that I was under arrest. But I just turned around ignoring them for a whole long and peaceful hour while I just turned back and forth walking, running, and jogging across the wire.

At last when I was satisfied with my achievement I came towards the Police Officers and held my fists out to the handcuffs,  I felt proud of myself for completing the task I have set for myself.  The Day I walked between the Twin Towers was August 7th 1974, and it was my greatest achievement yet to be noticed by the world. . . . .

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