Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Beginning Of A New Journey

                                             The Beginning Of A New Journey:

The journey of a thousand miles only begins when you choose to make a change or a difference in your life for yourself,
Though remember that you have family and friends who will support you through the difficult times,
You rule your life like how you see it fit,
No one can tell you where or when you shall change your bad ways,
But they can guide you through the darkness of depression and urge you to head into the bright light of positivity and change,
Your life long journey is one you will never forget because it goes on throughout your life and through the afterlife,

This short paragraph sums up the idea of a new journey . . .

The road can go ever so long until there is no road to follow,
But luckily you have a longer road ahead of you because the road I speak of is one that can lead you to your future destination whether it is good or bad it doesn’t matter as long as you start a new journey no matter what happens to you.

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