Monday, 17 March 2014

Drift By Denis Glover

Drift by Denis Glover -

What are some features we can see in the poem? Use words and quotes from the poem to support your answer...

There is Rhyme throughout the poem for example,  
“ Drift, drift upon the beach,  
Dead Man’s  Bay and Dead Man’s Reach
Driftwood dunks and driftwood rides,
Inert upon endless tides.”

What is the author’s purpose of the poem?

The purpose is to write a luring poem for a specific audience to read and to hook in. The other purpose for the poem is for the targeted audience to feel the emotions of the poem and actually understand how the poem is written.

What are the key ideas in the poem?

The key ideas are . . . that the poem rhymes, it has various kinds of describing words, and it really hooks in the readers.

Why do you think these are the key ideas?

I think those are the key ideas because the poem has the exact structure plan that is suitable for  a well written poem. I also think that the key ideas are pretty good for a short poem.

How does the poem make you feel?

It makes me feel like as if I too am a part of  the driftwood, gliding away on the tide as I ride I feel free and peacefully happy and very adventurous when the driftwood is entering a storm.

Why does it make you feel this way?

The poem is very adventurous as well as calming, so that is why it makes me feel the way I do.

How does the image in the poem support the way the poem makes your feel?

This is a reflection of the poem written by a talented poet named Denis Glover. Denis Glover's poem 'Drift' really relaxed me and calmed me, I also hope you will feel the same way as I did.

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