Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Mango Taniwha - Great White Shark

Mango Taniwha - Great White Shark:

I live in all parts of the ocean but I'm a survivor with jaws and intelligence. I swim through the endless deep blue sea with my head held up high in pride. I feel the thrill of hunting and I can almost taste my next meal. As I descend upon the sand floor I'm scanning the seaweed for prey, but I can smell the scent of my meal although my eagle like eyes are being deceived by the camouflage of my prey.

Right when I thought I wasn't going to eat tonight I caught a glimpse of a tail flick and I reacted fast, and clean. With one swipe of my tail my prey was knocked out, and just before it awoke I swiftly devoured it whole. My jet black eyes were adjusting to the sun beams streaming through the water as I was slowly swimming gracefully.

Trying to lure fish toward me thinking as if I were a friendly whale, or a fellow friend not realising that I am indeed a foe.   

The sea is my home she is my mother who nurtures me through storms and calm weather, she provides me with food to eat and now I am a predator with fins of speed and jaws of death. My rough touch gives the shivering presence of death and destruction. I can hear the echoing song of a pod of whales and I feel a great urge to investigate.

I can detect a faint scent of blood as I swam through the channels like a beastly creature with a gaze of hunger and desperation I got closer toward the scent and it began to get stronger and stronger and it made me ache more and more at the thought of my food just being a tail flick away from me.

Although I can feel that I have been restrained by the distance I have to swim to get a bite out of sweet, juicy delectable flesh. Rows and rows of jagged teeth, endless strength, incredible eyesight, and a strong sense of smell. My advantages in life is what keeps me striving for more and they are my weapons against my prey.

Think of me as a predator with a brain and a thirst for survival and defending myself is my weapon against any other creature. Friend or Foe, I am determined to survive and survive I will.

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