Friday, 28 September 2012

My Trip to the Museum

On Wednesday 29 August, Glenbrae School students were leaving the school at precisely 9:00am in the morning to go and visit at the Auckland Museum. When we had nearly reached the buses, my class and Rm8 had to squash in the smaller bus altogether. Also, some of the students in Rm7 were allowed to have the larger bus all to themselves. Once we arrived, we waited for the Museum teacher to give us instructions on when to go in. The first area that we visited was the Natural History. I saw some big figures of the dinosaurs that once lived at least 200 billion years ago. The most interesting thing that I saw was a glass box full of insects, from the giant cave weta to the smallest cockroach in the world. Next, we went to the Volcanic Area. The best part of the Volcanic Area was going inside this fake house and watching Lake Taupo erupting before my eyes. Most of the students in my class were screaming like as if it was the end of their poor young lives. When we came out of the house we went and explored down through the hallway to a place with information on sea creatures. The most exciting creature was this giant crayfish that was lying in the corner in a pool of a huge glass salt water container. There were some little crabs scuttling around on the floor of the pool of water. Then we made our way to the Wharenui, down on level G. When we arrived we went through some rules with one of the Museum teachers. We then had to remove our shoes to show respect when inside the Wharenui. After about 2 minutes we were asked to stand up and join in in a kapa haka. The lady said that Rm 8 were the best at the kapa haka so far. But after we performed the haka I was sure that we were the best after our mean haka (as in good). Then we all packed up ready to go back to school and go home. The End!