Friday, 31 October 2014


This is a Google presentation that I have done with my two partners Khorus and Patosina.

Impacts and Influences of a Phone:

I have created this with my two partners Khorus and Patosina. This Google drawing identifies the impacts and influences of a phone.

Author Study_CHERUB & Henderson's Boys series: Robert Muchamore

This is an Author study on Robert Muchamore who is the author of CHERUB & Henderson's Boys.
His books are very interesting so I recommend you read them today.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Viral Video:

This google drawing is about how viral videos such as these can spread over the internet and how they can have positive or negative impact on the people who feature or who videoed them.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Wavy Slide Extravanganza

This is a Google Drawing which I have created to link with the inquiry unit that I am currently  studying.

Timeline of Playground Slide:

This is a timeline which I have interpreted on playground slides which links with the inquiry unit that I am currently studying this term.

Friday, 24 October 2014

My Personal Connections with Technology:

This is my personal connections to technology. This google drawing also links with the inquiry unit that I am studying this term.

Tessellation with Geometric Shapes:

This is a Tessellation which we learnt to create using geometric shapes. For example I used triangles to shape into squares for my tessellation.

Pointless Invetions:

This is a google presentation that my partner Charday and I have created which links with our inquiry unit . This presentation also has a number of useless products that were invented but haven't yet it the market industries.

Explanation Writing: Why does our school and community need Holograms?

First of all what is a Hologram? A hologram is a three dimensional shape that is shown with the help of light beams that are from a laser which forms a selected or specific image.

We need holograms because it can increase our access to seeing our relatives or friends who are overseas which can benefit families who can’t afford the trip to see them. This is important to be aware of because it can not only be a new edition of present holograms that we use now but it can be a huge step in the market industry with many overseas buyers.

This piece of technology has been invented to make replicas of deceased music artists (e.g such as Michael Jackson and 2pac) to carry on their legendary songs and music. It has also been developed to holograph movie characters such as the ones that were featured in Star Wars and etc.

There are many ways why holograms are used and here are some reasons why:

Holograms can help to shape our community:

Like in some schools such as Uni or Med school you can use holograms for bringing in surgical procedures that you can work on or study, or maybe operate on a patient who could be halfway across the world but the hologram would allow you to work on them as if they were in the actual room.

I think that if our schools or our community had this type of technology it could shape a new opening of things that we can improve on or even create  to help make our lives easier. Companies probably will catch onto this idea and would like to sell this product world wide for hospitals, police departments, schools, universities, and etc. This is the most likely chance of holograms being embraced into modern society.
Our community and our schools need this type of technology to help enhance our way of life and make it easier for us. Holograms could likely be the new thing for our community and schools. Why is this important to take a notice of? This can not only help us but it can also encourage younger kids to start working with this type of technology. I would also strongly recommend this for our community’s use.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Finding the Purpose of Technology:

This is a Google Presentation that shows the purposes of Technology.

HUVr Hoverboards for Sale $$$$

This is an advertisement for HUVr hoverboards that a selling like mad in stores NOW!!!
Get one for $35.99. This ad is aimed at you PRO skaters and SURFERS.

This sale does not exist for it has been classed as a HOAX.