Thursday, 6 December 2012

My Netbook Reflection

Netbook Reflection

WALT record what learning on our netbooks this year has been like, what we have enjoyed, what has been difficult, what has been interesting

Felt excited when we first got our netbookForgetting passwordbeing able to email other people
Typing instead of handwriting, learned how to typeNetbook freezing all the time when you really need it. learning how to post comments on other people’s blogs (thoughtful, positive, helpful)
Easy and fast to use google docsMouse doesn’t workPutting docs into different folders
We get to have our own blog, to share our learning with the worldWhen battery runs outpeople come to visit us to see us using our netbooks
Get to comment on other people’s work, giving advice and feedbackInternet connection doesn’t workwatching interesting clips on youtube, manaiakalani
Researching new things on the internet
Having a netbook is a really huge responsibility for me to handle and it is annoying.share work with teacher
Creating projects on google docs, presentations on Tux Painting and having a little playing around on the tux to make a picture to go on your blog.You can’t go on any websites like where you post photos on it so other people can see it and comment on it. But the teachers and the principal care more about our safety than our knowledge of our social networks.making/editing movies

I think my netbook is interesting because it has all these things that I would like to know more about and some things that I can find out about it might be very interesting to me.
I get to play games when I have finished my work early.We don’t get freetime on our netbooks sometimes when we finish our work really early.Getting to know my netbook as if it were a real  person.

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At the start of the year Room 6 was very lucky to get black, shiny, brand new netbooks! I felt very excited when I first got my netbook,  I had to be careful with it because if I dropped it I would have to pay a lot of money for it to be fixed and back to normal again.

I have really liked making my own projects on my netbook and posting them on my very own blog on the internet. Who wouldn’t want to have a netbook to use for their learning and to help them with their education? Having a netbook is a really huge responsibility.

Some small problems have been happening like the computers internet freezing and the computer is slow and I’ve had my computer refreshed.  

It has been really interesting using my netbook because I got to know where all the settings were. We also got to go on Manaiakalani and see some movies that were made by our school and some other schools.
My netbook has helped me with my education because I can research things that my teacher wants me to and it is fast for me to finish my work because I just have to type the words instead of write it in a book and ending up with a sore hand.

If I could take one guess about my future, it would be that when it is 10 or 20 years time the knowledge that I know now could help me build a better future for me and for everyone around me by inventing electrical wardrobes and robot butlers. If that was me in the future I would have to be a fully schooled person to have a job as an internet business person, who earns a lot of money by inventing new social networks or websites, instead of being a High school dropout who works at  a rusty old restaurant as a waitress or waiter.