Friday, 30 August 2013

My Su'a Name

My Su’a Name’s  Heritage . . .

Nafanua the Warrior Queen of Samoa had two sons - Malietoa & Su'a. Su'a is my direct ancestor... this is why I am considered - a princess of my family,  there  are these documents from my great grandfather signed by him - of my genealogy - and filed in Samoa.

I am proud because I really am a princess,  Samoan islanders  know that Su’a is the King of Savai'i, and that Malietoa is the King of Upolu - the two main islands.
I am very proud that I am a Su'a descendant. Whenever I am around Samoans... I sometimes tell them I am a Su'a - and I always look  staunch about it - because Nafanua was a woman who led the battles of Samoa, like a man.

Nafanua has many untold and brave  stories of her battles. Nafanua is my eponomous ancestral relative and queen. My great grandmother -  was the Queen of Savai'i, her name was Tupunatausifa'as├álele'aga.

This is all I know so far about my Su’a Name.

Farewell Poem

Farewell Poem For Our Dear Ms Kyla,

Seconds turn to minutes, minutes turn to hours,
Hours turn to days, days turn to weeks, weeks turn to months
Months turn to years, we have countless days with you Ms Kyla
you spring up in the air like a flower blossoming,
we students appreciate the things you have done for us, but now we must take care of you by giving you a rest because you are the best,
The newborn you shall nurture, surely is the luckiest to have you as a caregiver,
So that he or she may not shiver in the cold, but will have the warmth of your heart to comfort them,
The warmth in your heart, the kindness in your soul, the friendliness in your personality, the sparkles in your eyes, and the meaningful charm on your wrist is what we’ll miss about you because you’re Tamaki Primary’s good luck charm.

We will all truly miss you.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Aspirations And Inspirations

Aspirations and Inspirations                              

Choose from: Roald Dahl, Whitney Houston, Nelson Mandela, Selena Gomez, Bruce Lee,Onika Tanya Maraj (AKA) Nicki Minaj, James O'Connor, Usain Bolt, Benji Marshall, Sonny Bill Williams, Sir Edmund Hillary

WALT identify people who inspire us and why they inspire us

My Inspiring Person is: Nicki Minaj

Onika Tanya Maraj   (AKA Nicki Minaj)

Name: Onika Tanya Maraj ( Nicki Minaj )

Date of Birth: December 8 1982

Who are they: The worlds famous Rapper

Where are they from: Saint James, Trinidad, and Tobago

What they have achieved: Being a rap artist and a singer songwriter and voice actress.

Why they inspire me: Because I want to be a famous female rapper someday and she had a tough childhood and I respect that.

Onika’s parents names are Carol Maraj and Robert Maraj.
Her Nationality is American. She is one of the judges on American Idol and she features in some of Justin Bieber's Hit Songs .

My Mihi

This is my Mihi, I hope you find it very interesting.

Room 7's Netball Session

This is my presentation about Room 7's Netball Session extravaganza. I hope you enjoy viewing it, remember to leave a comment.

Narrative Genres

The Rhino Exclusive: A Mystery

On a nice and sunny day, a perfect day for a swim, when all of a sudden a mysterious woman driving at a high speed had crashed into the famous Californian Zoo, while that was happening our old girl Hilda. Who happened to be in her enclosure minding her own business, when all at once she had an intoxicated maniac in a bright red car come crashing into her enclosure and straight into her waterhole.

The Tiger Sibling Rivalry: A Fantasy

On a rainy day, there lie two brothers, both who were tigers. They had massive issues with each other but at least it kept them alive, one of the brothers who was the oldest but the smallest, had made cheeky noises towards his younger but stronger brother. Then all at once the youngest got up and charged at his brother with a roar that sounded like thunder rolling over and over, he charged his brother into a river nearby and the pair were fighting like addictive maniacs.

The Elephant Circus Show Diaster

Look at the photo. Write to describe the moment in time it shows.

Four mischief elephants take the stage, all of them looking at the wide and open audience. The elephants hear no sound from the audience’s mouths nor smell the sweet scent of candy floss flushing down the human’s throats, but the elephants can touch, and feel the ground beneath them while their odd shaped bodies walk heavily towards the steel iron stools that the trainers use for their performances.

The four elephants don’t like it in their positions of doing little tricks for their master’s amusement but they have no choice other than to be cut from the circus and their own lives. I find it sad, cruel and terribly miserable that such peaceful and graceful animals are treated the way they are.

But when I saw them perform I felt astonished to find myself, hear their whispering cries for help,  see in their tired and exhausted eyes the pain they were feeling for not obeying the trainers orders, feel the kind of sympathy I had for them, taste the feeling of selfishness that the ringmaster was lacking, most of all smell the revolting scent of greed, and ice hearted  people surrounding the poor animals with satisfaction, and perfection.

The last scene I saw of the Circus was when the elephants had made their exit, but instead of walking in a straight line out of the enormous tepee they all kind of staggered towards the exit where one of them had fell on purpose because she was in so much pain and she was under so much stress, that even I could hear her saying to me

But the minute I leaned over to help her trainers who had no sympathy for her grabbed a figure and one whack of the sharp, silver, nasty claw stick to end her life.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My Goal Setting Presentation For Term 3

This is my goal setting presentation for Term Three, I hope you enjoy reading my goals and maybe you could give a comment and some advice of how I can achieve my goals.

Quotes For Skills For Adolescence

“Parents can only give  children  good advice or put them on the right path, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in his or her hands.”
- By Anne Frank a Jewish Teenager who died in a Nazi Concentration Camp.

“Nobody is perfect so don’t treat others as if you look down at them,  and think to yourself that you are more superior than them just because of their colour, culture, and less knowledge of things because it is unhealthy for your well being and others.”
- By Deandra

“Courage doesn't always roar.
Sometimes Courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying I’ll try again tomorrow.”
- By Mary Anne Radmacher

“Life is like a mirror.  It’ll smile , if you smile at it”

“The Reason we all struggle with insecurity is because  we compare our behind - the scenes with others highlight reel.”
- By Steven Furtick

“Some people will always throw stones in your path.
but it depends on you what you make with them,
Wall or Bridge?
But remember you are the real architect of your life.

“If you can’t fly then run,
If you can’t run then walk,
If you can’t walk then crawl,
But what you do you have to keep moving forward.”
- By Martin Luther King Jr,

What Has Changed Since The 1900's

What Has Changed In Literacy Since Back In The 1900's:

* People can get educated instead of  being just higher ranked people, like presidents, royalty, ambassadors and others.
* People have invented new things like electronics and technology.
* Pencils, tables, books and phones have been invented.
* Projectors and whiteboards and the internet have been invented by other people.
(The inventions have improved how we live and how we work in schools and other places.)

How Has Our Literacy Changed from The Nineteen Hundreds - Two Thousand and Thirteen (Which is Present Day.) :

Well after people started inventing things to improve our lives, we have gained more knowledge of words, what happens in life, why things happen, cycle of life, education, and of course past tense revolutions. But while everything seems well in our country, globalisation still isn’t connecting to other societies, cities, and countries with strict laws about women not getting education and instead just have to stay home and work twenty four, seven.

Nothing changes unless someone is brave enough to confront others to follow behind them in their idea, like for instance they could have an idea to change the law about no education for women and put out notices that signify the awareness about the topic.

Description Of Ivan The Silverback Gorilla

Words That Describe Ivan & His Enclosure:

* Ivan is very Kind Hearted.

* Ivan is Caring towards his close friends and keepers.

* Ivan is Mighty, Strong and Wise when he has difficult times when his friend
Stella is Depressed and is hurting a lot from her foot to her head.

* Ivan is Protective of his Family, in this case his best friends and a small elephant named Ruby.

* Ivan has a very Small Enclosure for a Silver back Gorilla like himself.

* Ivan has a very Active Imagination when he is drawing with his daily visitor Julia.

* Ivan has an Unfit enclosure that isn't suitable for his well - being.

* Ivan has a Dirty little swimming pool that he cools down in.

* Ivan’s enclosure has been old and dusty since the day he moved into Big Top Mall.

* Ivan hears a lot of humans in the Mall, screaming children and people banging buttons in the arcade.

* Ivan’s enclosure is also cold at night but he has his best friend Bob with him to keep him warm through the night.

* Ivan has an enclosure with a painting of a jungle, a painting with a waterfall that has no water, flowers that have no scent and trees that have no roots.

* Ivan has a Disgusting Habit of creating Me - Balls and throwing them at his glass windows that separate him from annoying humans he does not like.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My Goals for Term Three

This is my Goals that I have set for Term Three this year.

My Autobiography

“Who am I?”
My name is Deandra, my name doesn't mean anything that I know of. I am a 10 year old girl. I am a year 6 student and I was born at Green lane Hospital.

My heritage is Samoan, Maori. My mum is 100% Samoan and she is from Upolu, Samoa but she grew up in Western Samoa with her grandparents and Aunt. My dad is Maori and he is from further north of New Zealand.

I am very athletic because in my previous education schools I have made it into a lot of sports teams. I love to sing and write songs in my spare time as well.I am a good friend, a fun and encouraging person when it comes to cheering on my friends or family members in a competition.

Timeline of my life which includes my Education History

I had just learnt how to crawl at the age of 1
I learnt how to walk and talk
I started preschool at Kohunga at Court Cres at the age of 3
I attended Avondale Primary for one year at the age of 4
I then attended Stanhope Primary for one year at the age of 5  
I attended Glenbrae Primary for four years from the age of 6 years until I was 10 years old
I was still attending Glenbrae
Still attending Glenbrae Primary
I won my first swimming tournament
I attended Tamaki Primary at the age of 10

My Future Aspiration

I want to be an international singer/rapper. I want to be this person because I’ve had a passion for music since I first learnt how to talk and I always come up with songs and raps. My inspiration or who motivates me is Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj is an international singer/rapper and she had performed at a concert in Auckland,New Zealand.

Finish my time as a year six and so forth
Achieve my goals at a year seven standard and then finish as a year seven
Set a good example for younger students as a year eight
Finish my time at intermediate and then move on to college  
You’d have to attend college for another five years before going to University
You would still have to do Esa’s and other hard challenges
I will still be at college but I will be focusing on many topics.
Finish College and hope to get a scholarship to University.
Maybe if I’m lucky I would get a scholarship and then I can study to become a veterinarian or a flight attendant or a singer.
If I was to start studying to become a veterinarian for a minimum of seven years before I graduate to become a fully licensed veterinarian.
If I was to study to become a flight attendant it can sometimes take months to even years to get an interview, depending on the current hiring trends at the time, and the number of airlines you apply to. Once hired, training can last anywhere from two weeks to seven weeks, depending on the airline..
If I was to become a Singer/Rapper I would have to have three years of singing lessons and rapping lessons for me to be worldwide international sensation.

My Inspirations

My inspiration is My grand aunt , my aunty who works as a flight attendant and my older cousin is a veterinarian. They inspire me because my aunty helps passengers, my cousin help injured or sick animals and Nicki Minaj helps people to achieve their goals when they are singing.  

My Inspiring Quotes

This week  I presented to my autobiography in front of my class. There  are some personal information I have deleted because I'm keeping cyber smart.  In my presentation I shared interesting information about my life, inspirations and future aspirations. 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

James Baldwin Author Study

This is our Author Study on James Baldwin, we hope you enjoy learning some other interesting things about him.