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Analysing Task For Lean On Me By Glee

Lean On Me By Glee

WALT use our analysing skills.

Success Criteria:
I can...

Part of the song
What is the main idea(s) in this part of the song?
Give an example from the text that supports this idea.
Give another example from the text that supports this idea.
Express your viewpoint by synthesising what you have analysed.
-Do you agree with this part of the song? Why/why not?
Verse 1
The main idea in verse one is that in everyone’s lives we all suffer pain and we all grieve with sorrow, but we also are wise enough to live until tomorrow.
“ Sometimes in our lives, We all have pain, We all have sorrow. ”
“ But if we are wise we know that there is always tomorrow. ”

The first verse expresses how life is cruel in serious matters but in return we state our position, and make certain that we have a wise choice in our good fortune and fate.
The main idea in the chorus is that no matter what the problem is you will always have someone to lean on, like taking a friend of a family member for example.
“ Lean on me!
When you’re not strong, and I’ll be your friend,
I’ll help you carry on . ”
“For it won’t be long till i’m gonna need somebody to lean on.”

The chorus states some sort of comfort and empathy for the person in need of comfort or sympathy, but though we all have that kind of nature buried within us we all express it everyday in all that we do whether in motion or words.
it somehow the emotion of need is always there.
Verse 2
The main idea in the second verse
is that you should just ask and your friends will help.
Please! (please)
swallow your pride (pride)
if I have things
you need to borrow

“(For) for no one can fill
those of your needs”

The second verse has a meaning of providing and giving which is repaid through an emotional debt of guidance, tolerance, listening, and helpful kindness.
Verse 3
The main idea in the third verse is to let your troubles free, so you may breathe easily.
“ So just call (call) on me brother (Hey)
When you need a hand (When you need a hand)”
“When you need somebody to lean on
(I just might have a problem that you’ll understand)”
The third verse has a moral of lending a caring ear to the one who needs to let the tormenting bird of troubles out to catch the first essences of freedom and fresh air that calms and soothes us when we have just let out a heavy burden that clung to our shoulders.
Verse 4

The main idea in the fourth verse is that if we have a load of burdens to be rid of, all we need to do is let it all out.
“ Lean on me If (If) there is a load (there is a load) you have to bare (you have to bare) that you can carry, I’m higher (Higher ) right on the road and I’ll share your load.”
Call me (I'm calling)
Call me (when you need a friend)
Call me (call me)
Call me (call me) (when you need a friend)
Call me (when you need a friend)
Call me (if you need a friend)
Call me (any time of day
Call me. ”

The fourth verse expresses a lot of encouragement, comfort, and love through words that can only be expressed through feeling and emotion like how we all have pain in our lives and how that pain turns to sorrow and regret.

Though we have many things to discover in life we are always in the presence of comfort and encouragement from our family and friends.

A Poem About My Culture

Culture: Samoa And New Zealand
Samoa , Samoa is a place of tranquility ,
Samoa is a place of sweet voices and peaceful harmony ,
Samoa is a place filled with beautiful sceneries,
Samoa is a place filled with paradise featured animals,

Samoa is my island home,
That has beaches filled with sea foam,
Samoa is a place of paradise and hazy heats,
That cause myself to listen to some islander beats,

New Zealand, New Zealand is a place of peace and tolerance,
New Zealand is a place where the waves in the beaches topple over each other and send silent cries to my ears,
The calm sea sends messages to the people who are near,
that a sunny day that will bring good fortune and good fate is finally here.

By Deandra Cooper, Samoa and New Zealand Are My Island Homes.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Rhythm, Rap, & Rhymes Creating Peaceful Times.

Friendship Till The End Of Time:

          Friendship Till The End Of Time:
Friendship, bent and twisted to create the forming sources of love and care,
That of course is what all friends share,
Competitive behaviour, secrets, and scandals,
Cause chaos between two bountiful friendly souls, and twist their emotional handles,

False Love, Guys, and money,
Play with the friendship of many who find their life within friendship as sweet as honey,
Tolerance, Peace, and Empathy is important to those who are not vulnerable but approachable,

Today friends all over the world whether black, white, tan or brown have been known to watch each others backs,
To help their friends in their needing of times when they are too busy building up their stacks,

Nobody, not a single soul would leave a good friend to fend for themselves in the battle against people and the cruel world,
But for those to just throw away that precious friendship into the trash,

Well they certainly will have no one to turn to in their need of help or comfort when their life ends with a flash,
Remember your friend is like your sister or brother and you will do anything to make sure they are in safe hands even if you have to break their fragile trust.

By Deandra

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Tic Tac Toe Chart About . . . The Recruit

This Note taking chart is a brief on what the key ideas are in this graphic novel.

Character Inference Chart About . . . The Recruit

This inference chart is a brief about what the character is about and how he is interesting to other minds than mine.

Main Idea Summary Frame About . . . The Recruit

This summary frame holds brief information about the graphic novel called . . . The Recruit By Robert Muchamore.