Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Mango Taniwha - Great White Shark

Mango Taniwha - Great White Shark:

I live in all parts of the ocean but I'm a survivor with jaws and intelligence. I swim through the endless deep blue sea with my head held up high in pride. I feel the thrill of hunting and I can almost taste my next meal. As I descend upon the sand floor I'm scanning the seaweed for prey, but I can smell the scent of my meal although my eagle like eyes are being deceived by the camouflage of my prey.

Right when I thought I wasn't going to eat tonight I caught a glimpse of a tail flick and I reacted fast, and clean. With one swipe of my tail my prey was knocked out, and just before it awoke I swiftly devoured it whole. My jet black eyes were adjusting to the sun beams streaming through the water as I was slowly swimming gracefully.

Trying to lure fish toward me thinking as if I were a friendly whale, or a fellow friend not realising that I am indeed a foe.   

The sea is my home she is my mother who nurtures me through storms and calm weather, she provides me with food to eat and now I am a predator with fins of speed and jaws of death. My rough touch gives the shivering presence of death and destruction. I can hear the echoing song of a pod of whales and I feel a great urge to investigate.

I can detect a faint scent of blood as I swam through the channels like a beastly creature with a gaze of hunger and desperation I got closer toward the scent and it began to get stronger and stronger and it made me ache more and more at the thought of my food just being a tail flick away from me.

Although I can feel that I have been restrained by the distance I have to swim to get a bite out of sweet, juicy delectable flesh. Rows and rows of jagged teeth, endless strength, incredible eyesight, and a strong sense of smell. My advantages in life is what keeps me striving for more and they are my weapons against my prey.

Think of me as a predator with a brain and a thirst for survival and defending myself is my weapon against any other creature. Friend or Foe, I am determined to survive and survive I will.

My Connections to the Ocean/Sea

This is a Google Drawing about my connections to the ocean and the sea. These are connections that my whanau, community and me make towards the ocean/sea.

Metaphors about My Whanau:

This is a Google Drawing of the metaphors that describe my whanau.

Cyber Smart:

This is a Google Drawing about being Cyber Smart. This also includes tips of what to do online.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


This is a Google Drawing about Similes and Metaphors and what the difference is between the two. Well have a read and find out!


This is a Google Drawing about the Ocean and the Sea. There are also names of sea creatures, the oceans and seas in New Zealand and etc.

Monday, 28 July 2014

The Analyser:

This is a Google Draw is an analysis of the article about Arturo the last polar bear who lives in Argentina, South America.

This poor animal has fallen into depression after losing his pen mate, and he needs to find a better home and if this is to happen he needs the help from all of us. Please after you read this, go onto the article and sign a petition for Arturo's freedom.

Friday, 25 July 2014

My Writing Description About Tagata o le Moana

Tagata o le Moana:

I noticed the beauty of the graceful sea creatures as they soared through the water like how birds would in the sky. I heard the whispering cries of the sea as she urged me to come in. I could sense the salty air as it flows through me as a gesturing aroma of home.

I caught a hint of salt water on my tongue as I drew nearer and nearer to the lapping waves, I felt the cold water send shivers down my spine as I waded knee deep through the clear crisp water. The water surrounded me like a protective shield against intruders.

Dutiful fish were swimming frantically up and down the channels looking and scavenging for food as well as avoiding predators. A lonely turtle struggles to find it’s way through a swarm of fish but somehow it senses my presence and turns to the right direction.
When I hear the splashing of fish, I think of playing children.

When I see exotic marine mammals  playing I think of mischievous monkeys. When I can smell sweet, sensational aromas I think of mouth watering food. If I feel the tail flick of a fish then I think of a feather brush stroking my leg, and when I look upon a beautiful coral reef fish I think of my family. As I tasted the saltiness of the ocean water I think of the ocean as my peaceful home of tranquillity.

Tagata o le Moana

This is a brief Google presentation about The Ocean and everything to do with the ocean. Some Maori words are also included in this presentation since it is Maori Language week.