Thursday, 6 December 2012

My Netbook Reflection

Netbook Reflection

WALT record what learning on our netbooks this year has been like, what we have enjoyed, what has been difficult, what has been interesting

Felt excited when we first got our netbookForgetting passwordbeing able to email other people
Typing instead of handwriting, learned how to typeNetbook freezing all the time when you really need it. learning how to post comments on other people’s blogs (thoughtful, positive, helpful)
Easy and fast to use google docsMouse doesn’t workPutting docs into different folders
We get to have our own blog, to share our learning with the worldWhen battery runs outpeople come to visit us to see us using our netbooks
Get to comment on other people’s work, giving advice and feedbackInternet connection doesn’t workwatching interesting clips on youtube, manaiakalani
Researching new things on the internet
Having a netbook is a really huge responsibility for me to handle and it is annoying.share work with teacher
Creating projects on google docs, presentations on Tux Painting and having a little playing around on the tux to make a picture to go on your blog.You can’t go on any websites like where you post photos on it so other people can see it and comment on it. But the teachers and the principal care more about our safety than our knowledge of our social networks.making/editing movies

I think my netbook is interesting because it has all these things that I would like to know more about and some things that I can find out about it might be very interesting to me.
I get to play games when I have finished my work early.We don’t get freetime on our netbooks sometimes when we finish our work really early.Getting to know my netbook as if it were a real  person.

Start here:

At the start of the year Room 6 was very lucky to get black, shiny, brand new netbooks! I felt very excited when I first got my netbook,  I had to be careful with it because if I dropped it I would have to pay a lot of money for it to be fixed and back to normal again.

I have really liked making my own projects on my netbook and posting them on my very own blog on the internet. Who wouldn’t want to have a netbook to use for their learning and to help them with their education? Having a netbook is a really huge responsibility.

Some small problems have been happening like the computers internet freezing and the computer is slow and I’ve had my computer refreshed.  

It has been really interesting using my netbook because I got to know where all the settings were. We also got to go on Manaiakalani and see some movies that were made by our school and some other schools.
My netbook has helped me with my education because I can research things that my teacher wants me to and it is fast for me to finish my work because I just have to type the words instead of write it in a book and ending up with a sore hand.

If I could take one guess about my future, it would be that when it is 10 or 20 years time the knowledge that I know now could help me build a better future for me and for everyone around me by inventing electrical wardrobes and robot butlers. If that was me in the future I would have to be a fully schooled person to have a job as an internet business person, who earns a lot of money by inventing new social networks or websites, instead of being a High school dropout who works at  a rusty old restaurant as a waitress or waiter.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

My Buddy Interview

Buddy Classes: Room 1 / 6 - Wednesday 21 November

WALT: interview our buddy from Room 1 and post it on our blog.

This afternoon we met with our buddy class, Room 1.

My buddies name/age:
Arizona Angel Cooper

This is a picture of my buddy and I:

My buddies favorite subjects at school:

  • Reading Posters, Stories
  • Maths
  • Spelling
  • Topic

My buddies favourite things to do on the weekend:
  • Play at the park
  • Go to Rainbows End
  • Going to the Pools
  • Playing Handball

An interesting fact about my buddy is:

She is a unique person who can hula hoop for more than a hour, sing beautifully, has an awesome personality and is my little sister.

Friday, 2 November 2012

The Amazing Structure of a Hydro - Power Dam

WALT write an explanation including a definition, description and conclusion (of how a Hydro-power station works)

A hydro - dam is an amazing structure that makes electricity from water!

Firstly you build a dam to block the river.Water then builds up behind the dam.This is called reservoir.

Water then goes through the intake.Then it rushes to the penstock.
Then it rushes and hits the turbine and the electricity goes to the generator and then travels to houses and cities.

After the water hits the turbine it goes and rejoins the river. 

Hydro - Power is good because it is renewable.

Friday, 28 September 2012

My Trip to the Museum

On Wednesday 29 August, Glenbrae School students were leaving the school at precisely 9:00am in the morning to go and visit at the Auckland Museum. When we had nearly reached the buses, my class and Rm8 had to squash in the smaller bus altogether. Also, some of the students in Rm7 were allowed to have the larger bus all to themselves. Once we arrived, we waited for the Museum teacher to give us instructions on when to go in. The first area that we visited was the Natural History. I saw some big figures of the dinosaurs that once lived at least 200 billion years ago. The most interesting thing that I saw was a glass box full of insects, from the giant cave weta to the smallest cockroach in the world. Next, we went to the Volcanic Area. The best part of the Volcanic Area was going inside this fake house and watching Lake Taupo erupting before my eyes. Most of the students in my class were screaming like as if it was the end of their poor young lives. When we came out of the house we went and explored down through the hallway to a place with information on sea creatures. The most exciting creature was this giant crayfish that was lying in the corner in a pool of a huge glass salt water container. There were some little crabs scuttling around on the floor of the pool of water. Then we made our way to the Wharenui, down on level G. When we arrived we went through some rules with one of the Museum teachers. We then had to remove our shoes to show respect when inside the Wharenui. After about 2 minutes we were asked to stand up and join in in a kapa haka. The lady said that Rm 8 were the best at the kapa haka so far. But after we performed the haka I was sure that we were the best after our mean haka (as in good). Then we all packed up ready to go back to school and go home. The End!

Monday, 6 August 2012

A Tasty Holiday

During the holidays my sister Arizona and I were waiting anxiously for my brother Tarrant to take us to his grandparents house for the weekend. When Tarrant came, he took us to Carl's Junior and bought us each a chocolate shake. He also bought me a small passion fruit cheesecake and Arizona, some fries with tomato sauce on top.

Then we went to the movie store to pick a movie to watch. The movie I picked was Alvin and the Chipmunks Chip Wrecked. Tarrant chose Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  Arizona got two packets of popcorn and a packet with a sour strip of candy inside it. Then we were on our way to Tarrant’s grandparents house that was only around the corner.

Once we reached the front door, the little sausage dog Oscar started barking at us when we came inside.  Marlene, Tarrant’s grandmother, told Oscar to be quite.  Arizona and I hung our bags over the top of the chairs and sat in the lounge and watched television for awhile, until I asked Tarrant if I could play on his computer.

After about an hour later, we got the DVD player all set up and put the Chipmunk movie on.  Two minutes later, Peter, Tarrant’s grandfather, came in and we all had a big introduction and then we had some popcorn and ice-cream with waffle cones.Then three hours later it was time for bed.Tarrant slept in his room,Marlene slept in her room with Oscar,Peter slept in his room by himself and Arizona and me slept in the lounge on the couch. The next day Arizona and I couldn’t stop jumping up and down because Tarrant’s grandfather Peter got out of bed and whipped up a nice,sweet batch of pancake mix for our breakfast.

I had six pancakes , three toast with butter and honey on top and a bowl of Weet-Bix for breakfast. Then I rushed to my bag got out my clothes and to have a refreshing shower.When I got out of the shower I got changed and I went outside to help Peter and Tarrant with the car in the garage but I lost interest and so I went back inside and played with Oscar and played some games on my brother’s computer.

Then to my surprise Nicole and Bronte Tarrant’s mum and other sister were here to pick Marlene Arizona and me to go to Bronte’s netball game around the corner.After about one hour had past and Bronte’s team had 35 to 32 so Bronte’s team won by three points.When the came was over Nicole got fish and chips for us to eat.   

After I ate I sat down because I was so tired that night that I blacked out and the next thing I know it’s morning and I couldn’t remember anything except going to the take aways.Tarrant told us to get changed quickly because we were leaving to back home.

We were so excited and both sad but when we got home my mum had just started to dinner.After half an hour we had eaten our dinner and then Tarrant left to go back home.    


Ko wai to ingoa?

Hi my name is Deandra and I am writing about how to speak Maori Language. I am also learning to speak maori words for my topic studies. Below here I have written some Words in Maori translated to English and at the bottom I have my Mihi in Maori and it is also in English.

English - Maori.

1. Head - Maunga
2. Shoulders - Pakihiwi
3. Eyes - Karu
4. Nose - Ihu
5. Ears - Taringa
6. Mouth - Waha
7. Hands - Ringa Ringa
8. Legs - Waewae

Here are some questions and the answers to the questions  in Maori that  I know:

English - Maori

Ko wai to ingoa?
What is your name?

Ko ........... toku ingoa
My name is ............

Kei te pehea koe?
How are you?

Kei te pai ahau
I am good

Ka nui te ora
I am great

Ko wai to hoa?
Who is your friend?

Ko ......... toku hoa
My friend is ........

Here are some greetings in Maori and in English:

Kia Ora - Hello
Tena Koe - Hello
Morena - Good Morning
Ata Marie - Good Morning
Tena Korua - Hello if you’re talking to two people

Here is a Maori word for goodbye

Ka Kei te /Ano
See you tomorrow

Numbers up to 20 in Maori :

English - Maori

One - Tahi
Two - Rua
Three - Toru
Four - Wha
Five - Rima
Six - Ono
Seven - Whitu
Eight - Waru
Nine - Iwa
Ten - Tekau
Eleven - Tekau ma Tahi
Twelve - Tekau ma Rua
Thirteen - Tekau ma Toru
Fourteen - Tekau ma Wha
Fifthteen - Tekau ma Rima
Sixteen - Tekau ma Ono
Seventeen  - Tekau ma Whitu
Eighteen - Tekau ma Waru
Nineteen - Tekau ma Iwa
Twenty - Rua Tekau

Here is example of my Mihi in Maori:


Ko Mata whoura  te Waka.

Ko Taniwha te Maunga.

Ko Utakura te Awa.

Ko Ngapuhi te Iwi.

Ko Ngati - toro  te Hapu

Ko Rahiri te Rangatira

Ko Piki  te Aroha te Marae.

Ko Deandra ahau.


My Canoe is Mata whoura .

My Mountain is Taniwha.

My River is Utakura.

My Tribe is Ngapuhi.

My Subtribe is Ngati - toro.

My Chief is Rahiri.

My Marae is Piki te Aroha.

My Name is Deandra.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Mathematical Game and Link

I've been practicing on my maths by going onto MathsMagician a fun, mathematical game which helps you with your learning and education from your perspective. If you want you could click on this link and it will take you to MathMagician.  Please if you want to click on this link and you will be on your way to MathMagician.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Writing Blog Comments

We are learning to write comments. Here  is  a  comment  I  left  on  somebody's blog.My blog comment is good because I have some positive and  helpful  things. 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Sunday Market

Yesterday, my family and I drove to the Sunday Market near the Auckland AMI Netball Stadium.We wanted to buy something for us to eat when it was so cold that I felt I was inside a giant freezer along with my family.After awhile we bought hot mussel chowder, crispy donuts,tasty suvalaki and cold soft drinks.Next, we had some of the mussel chowder and the donuts.After that, we bought some groceries for our dinner.We prepared our dinner at 8.00am and we ate our dinner at 10.00am then we watched Scorpion King (Battle of redemption) next we watched The Devils Tomb and Chronicle until 1.00pm and that is when we went to bed the most horrible thing happened my sister had vomited all over me then I walked to the corner and I prayed saying why GOD why me?

I had to clean all the vomit up and including myself.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Facts on a Plant's Life

Plants need soil to grow because the soil is full of nutrients, protein and minerals.When it is Autumn the trees leaves decay into the soil which makes good food for new plants that have just been planted in the ground.

Monday, 19 March 2012

The Life Cycle of a Tree

I have just been reading an interesting book about trees and the  life cycle of  how  trees grow. I  know the meaning of the word photosynthesis which is made up of two different words photo and synthesis. Photo means light and synthesis means combination. Photosynthesis produces food for trees and other plants such as flowers.

I also know how trees reproduce seeds.There is heaps of information to learn about trees and there are some answers to nearly all my questions. How a tree produces a new tree and how they survive in the winter? Did you know that animals and insects help to pollinate flowers by carrying pollen to the same kind of flower. These animals or insects are called pollinators. Insects transport the pollen to all the flowers that they land on.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Fun Swimming

Rm 9 students walked to the  G.I. swimming pools in the freezing, cold, rainy,cloudy and windy weather. A little while later Rm 9 students finally got inside the  building. When we walked inside we waited for Rm 10 to finish their session so that we could go swimming  with the swimming instructors. I had lots of fun swimming and learning new skills  in the water.  

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Welcome to Room 9

Welcome to Room 9 and i know you are going to have alot of fun with your new Netbook :)