Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My Ancestral Poem

I am a Maori and Samoan Queen,
Yes indeed! I'm Maori and Samoan - cultures that I am gratefully proud of!
My culture makes me strong - a feeling of strength helps the blood of my Ancestors flow easily through my veins every second and every minute of the day.

My Maori ancestors are fierce warriors fighting for me, fighting to protect me, fighting for victory!
My Samoan ancestors are graceful manus flying peacefully in paradise,

With pride, I stand strong when I think of my ancestors and of  the Intelligence, Strength, Honesty, Beauty and Courage that they have provided for me.
This helps me overcome my fears of speaking my mind.

My ancestors still live within me because I can feel the ancestral drum beating in my heart that pumps the warrior blood around my body.
When I am attending a funeral I can sense their spirits already watching over the rest of my whanau while they join the rest of my ancestors
in the Journey of Heaven

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