Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Along The Shore:

Along the Shore:
By Deandra

Listening to the soaring of seagulls,
as they past by they would be whispering hello.
Feeling the chill of the icy cold water
as it surrounds me with it’s familiar

Breathing in
the sharp crisp breeze,
Seeing the smashing waves,
Feeling the cold rocks beneath my feet.
Peaceful calmness
The beauty of the horizon.

Exposure to the ocean
Leaves me feeling secure and safe
while tasting salty water among the flowing current.

Moved by the streaming crest -
the soothing vibe of the singing waves,
cradling the sleepy children beneath the moonlight.
The soft voice of the wind,
blowing through my seaweed-like hair.

Swaying branches of the coconut trees,
laughing at the dancing water,
Sprites frolicking across the shore.
Inspired by the ocean’s weaving movement,
as it indulges in harmony.


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  1. Hi Deandra I like it how you used your punctuation capital letters. you did a really good job at doing your Along the shore story. keep it up.