Monday, 8 September 2014

Description About Kate Johns:

Cook Strait Kate :
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The eyes of the sea, the soul of the wind. Kate has a determined and striving fighter within her that is committed to achieve her goal as a bright human being and as an ambitious swimmer. With agility and skill on her side she will conquer her goals and she will have more to face and at the end she will make it her own mission to accomplish any target that is set in front of her.

Determination is the key to her success. Stamina is the fuel to her victory, but ambition is her motive in all of the things that she wants to achieve. Streaming through the water with her calmness, effortlessly than how a feather falls gracefully to the ground. Driving her focus, her training, her power into the thing she loves most which is swimming.

The raw emotion that she provides, only with the strokes that she uses to swim through armies of waves and endless kicks is inspiring to many and it also must have been an honour. Smiling with triumph over the Cook Strait, Kate can now think of more goals to achieve and strive towards as well.

This here is a Descriptive piece about Kate Johns and how her accomplishments have helped her to succeed in her own ambitions as well.

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