Monday, 23 February 2015

Recount Writing on TPS Picnic Pool Day:

Travelling by bus and arriving at the pools was so exciting. Getting changed and then sitting down into our classroom lines listening to the expectations so that everyone had a good day. We went to the pools to have fun with our peers, teachers and families.

What a nice way to start the day, don’t you think?

We began with the exhausting Duathlon, student councilors lead their allocated teams out through a swim across the cold water of the pool and then out onto a 2km run around the Panmure Basin. Teamwork and perseverance to strive through weaknesses of others and cheers of encouragement to help struggling team members.

After the duathlon it was morning tea, rumbling stomachs scrambled for their lunch boxes. Then we were able to go onto the hydroslide. Seeing the dark twists and turns of the hydroslide, feeling the chills down our spines as the raging water gushes non-stop. Hearing the screams and laughter as students are swept away and down the slide.

It was cool because all of us enjoyed playing, splashing and having fun with our friends.Relaxing after a big exercise was great.Next was the diving pool.Nerves of steel as fearless students climb the diving board to take the plunge into a 13ft drop of nothing but water.

Feeling the slap of the water against their bodies was like the sound of thunder crashing against the ground. Emerging faces with smiles stretching across their cheeks was a sign of pure joy.

LUNCHTIME!! Hot sizzling sausages sandwiched between a bread and tomato sauce and deliciously cold ice-blocks melting in our mouths on a hot afternoon was a treat after all that swimming, running and playing in the scorching sun.

HOORAY! Freetime again. Hanging out with friends in the pool, spending time with teachers, laughing and screaming as we play tricks on our friends by the side of the pool.

I felt the water slide effortlessly down my legs as I got out of the pool and scurried to the changingrooms to quickly get dressed into my uniform. We were all called back to line up in our buddy classes. Everyone then got on the buses and we headed back to school. Tiresome limbs along with exhausted faces hopped off the buses and made their way back to class and waited to be dismissed for hometime.

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  1. Amazing recount Deandra. I know you did not attend the pool trip last week but I love the way you have carefully analysed some of the pictures of the trip and used your imagination to help you write your recount.

    The descriptive detail clearly paints a picture of the the events of the day, the positive atmosphere and the excitement. Great use of powerful language and interesting detail.

    Kapai Deandra!