Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Dark Side of Chocolate - Child Labour

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Today in Social Studies we learnt about the ongoing issue of Child Labour in Ghana. There are lots and lots of children who are trafficked from their homes to Cocoa farms where they will work tireless hours and earn little money for their families. Some parents are so desperate for money that they will go into the city and sell their own children to traffickers for on average 200,000 cedi which converted to US currency is around $20.00.

What you and I could do in our own way to help these communities in Ghana, Africa suffering from child labor is by purchasing "Fair Trade Chocolate" such as Whittaker's Dark Ghana Chocolate as shown in the image to the right. By doing this it assures that the making of the chocolate does not include Child Labor so these children in Ghana, Africa have a chance for an education and their family members who work in Cocoa Farms can earn money to support their families.

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