Monday, 6 August 2012

A Tasty Holiday

During the holidays my sister Arizona and I were waiting anxiously for my brother Tarrant to take us to his grandparents house for the weekend. When Tarrant came, he took us to Carl's Junior and bought us each a chocolate shake. He also bought me a small passion fruit cheesecake and Arizona, some fries with tomato sauce on top.

Then we went to the movie store to pick a movie to watch. The movie I picked was Alvin and the Chipmunks Chip Wrecked. Tarrant chose Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  Arizona got two packets of popcorn and a packet with a sour strip of candy inside it. Then we were on our way to Tarrant’s grandparents house that was only around the corner.

Once we reached the front door, the little sausage dog Oscar started barking at us when we came inside.  Marlene, Tarrant’s grandmother, told Oscar to be quite.  Arizona and I hung our bags over the top of the chairs and sat in the lounge and watched television for awhile, until I asked Tarrant if I could play on his computer.

After about an hour later, we got the DVD player all set up and put the Chipmunk movie on.  Two minutes later, Peter, Tarrant’s grandfather, came in and we all had a big introduction and then we had some popcorn and ice-cream with waffle cones.Then three hours later it was time for bed.Tarrant slept in his room,Marlene slept in her room with Oscar,Peter slept in his room by himself and Arizona and me slept in the lounge on the couch. The next day Arizona and I couldn’t stop jumping up and down because Tarrant’s grandfather Peter got out of bed and whipped up a nice,sweet batch of pancake mix for our breakfast.

I had six pancakes , three toast with butter and honey on top and a bowl of Weet-Bix for breakfast. Then I rushed to my bag got out my clothes and to have a refreshing shower.When I got out of the shower I got changed and I went outside to help Peter and Tarrant with the car in the garage but I lost interest and so I went back inside and played with Oscar and played some games on my brother’s computer.

Then to my surprise Nicole and Bronte Tarrant’s mum and other sister were here to pick Marlene Arizona and me to go to Bronte’s netball game around the corner.After about one hour had past and Bronte’s team had 35 to 32 so Bronte’s team won by three points.When the came was over Nicole got fish and chips for us to eat.   

After I ate I sat down because I was so tired that night that I blacked out and the next thing I know it’s morning and I couldn’t remember anything except going to the take aways.Tarrant told us to get changed quickly because we were leaving to back home.

We were so excited and both sad but when we got home my mum had just started to dinner.After half an hour we had eaten our dinner and then Tarrant left to go back home.    


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