Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My Inquiry Reflection Unit

Key Question

What effect does the rubbish I produce have on the environment?
The rubbish I produce probably is not such a good thing because I’m helping build up the landfill and some of the waste there are blowing into rivers, lakes, and bays causing harm to our poor sea and land animals.

The following questions might help you write your reflection.

How can we motivate ourselves and others to be responsible for our waste?
By putting out a lot more rubbish bins in communities, busy areas, schools and playgrounds, and also public fields. Having people going around with surveys and asking for other people’s support in an organisation that is helping the environment by disposing the waste that hurts our poor animals and our gardens and children.

How can we reduce the amount of money TPS

We could all stop bringing recyclable waste to school so that the school doesn't have to pay twice as much money to remove the waste in our school. By doing so we could start bringing reusable snap lock bags so that we can use them for our sandwiches, veggies, fruit and ect.

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