Monday, 31 August 2015

(Reading)Iron Tamariki - Key Ideas

WALT: identifying the key ideas of a story.

Key Idea - Fixed Mindset:

In the text .. Iron Tamariki me and my buddy Mehi, found that while we were analysing the story for key ideas we came up with 'Fixed Mindset' because we found evidence in the text that the Main Character.. named Mana had displayed signs of doubting that he would be fit enough or fast enough to complete the Iron Tamariki Marathon through the beginning of the text. E.g "I ... hate... running", "Cool! But do you really think I'm going to be fit enough?", "Far!Dad, so you think I can do this Iron Maori Tamariki?"

Key Idea - Encouragement:

In the text.. Iron Tamariki me and my buddy Mehi, found another key idea which was encouragement. In the story the main character.. Mana is constantly reminded that he can accomplish the Iron Tamariki Marathon by his whole whanau(family) whom have 100% faith that Mana can win the marathon and gain the confidence that he needed to persevere through his doubts of being able to compete in the marathon. E.g  "C'mon cuzzie you can do it",   "I know you can.", "Don't worry about me speedy!, Kia Tere(hurry up)!", "Kia Kaha(be strong), boy!" 

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