Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Description Of Ivan The Silverback Gorilla

Words That Describe Ivan & His Enclosure:

* Ivan is very Kind Hearted.

* Ivan is Caring towards his close friends and keepers.

* Ivan is Mighty, Strong and Wise when he has difficult times when his friend
Stella is Depressed and is hurting a lot from her foot to her head.

* Ivan is Protective of his Family, in this case his best friends and a small elephant named Ruby.

* Ivan has a very Small Enclosure for a Silver back Gorilla like himself.

* Ivan has a very Active Imagination when he is drawing with his daily visitor Julia.

* Ivan has an Unfit enclosure that isn't suitable for his well - being.

* Ivan has a Dirty little swimming pool that he cools down in.

* Ivan’s enclosure has been old and dusty since the day he moved into Big Top Mall.

* Ivan hears a lot of humans in the Mall, screaming children and people banging buttons in the arcade.

* Ivan’s enclosure is also cold at night but he has his best friend Bob with him to keep him warm through the night.

* Ivan has an enclosure with a painting of a jungle, a painting with a waterfall that has no water, flowers that have no scent and trees that have no roots.

* Ivan has a Disgusting Habit of creating Me - Balls and throwing them at his glass windows that separate him from annoying humans he does not like.

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