Friday, 13 September 2013

Example Of Two Described Genres

The Rhino Exclusive: A Mystery

On a nice and sunny day, a perfect day for a swim, when all of a sudden a mysterious woman driving at a high speed had crashed into the famous Californian Zoo, while that was happening our old girl Hilda. Who happened to be in her enclosure minding her own business, when all at once she had an intoxicated maniac in a bright red car come crashing into her enclosure and straight into her waterhole.

The Tiger Sibling Rivalry: A Fantasy

On a rainy day, there lie two brothers, both who were tigers. They had massive issues with each other but at least it kept them alive, one of the brothers who was the oldest but the smallest, had made cheeky noises towards his younger but stronger brother. Then all at once the youngest got up and charged at his brother with a roar that sounded like thunder rolling over and over, he charged his brother into a river nearby and the pair were fighting like addictive maniacs.

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